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hand-made collages, drawings, etc.. by Seb Jarnot
Drawing on photo (old magazine) / © seb jarnot 


Drawing on photo (old magazine) / © seb jarnot 


Hand-made collage 26 x 28 cm / © seb jarnot 2014


Hand-made collage 26 x 28 cm / © seb jarnot 2014

World Wide Blog Hop

Collage artist Andrew Lundwallinvited me to say a little bit more about my work by answering four questions in the World Wide Blog Hop. You can learn more about Andrew Lundwall and support his work in his blog

I had to invite 3 other artists to take part.

Actually very hard to find 3 in the summer!!

I only found one, but a great one !

John Gall

He will answer the same questions on his blog next Monday:

What am I working on?

I’m currently working on a poster commissioned by a Russian publishing house. It’s an exciting work but I cannot tell more on this project for the moment.. In parallel I work on my summer collages..

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Especially in collaging, I think the work is intimately close to the artist. So my collages reflect my obsessions, fears, etc.. what I really am. That makes it obviously different from others.. Also I see my collage work as a mix of music and painting, I try to obtain the depth of musical compositions by using the scraps like paint in an expressionist way.

Why do I create what I do?

I couldn’t do anything but making images, my eyes need new and exciting things everyday

How does your creating process work?

I collect magazines and books from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for a long time but I began to use them for collage recently, about 5 years ago.

My collage approach is all about accident and improvisation, no story, just feeling . I try compositions without glue firstly. It could be very long before I use the glue, I try and try again until something happens and gives life to the image. Then I stick the whole composition.

Afterward I hang each new collage on my wall during about 2 weeks. Like a lot of collagists I’m a bit mystic and during that period I feel that something happens between the collage and me. I would say that actually the work is finished only after that period.

I don’t have any heater or air conditioning in my studio, it’s not a confortable place and I need that to go into some kind of trance when it gets cold or very hot (I live in south of France, it could be very very hot sometimes).

Seb Jarnot :

images : © seb jarnot